Jans Freeware! Coleção de componentes.

Coleção de componentes gratuítos janfreeware:



28-September-2003 size:871kb
TjanPico is a component that runs the Pico script language. Use TjanPico to add light-weight semi-compiled scripting to your delphi applications: include scripts, (local and global) variables (plain and structured), (nested) function definitions, function calls, classes (multiple inheritance), objects (with methods and properties), program flow (if, else, case, while, repeat), dozens of build-in functions (string, date, conversion, testing, interface etc.), call external (Delphi) functions from script and script functions from delphi. Comes with the GoPico demo application for TjanPico, support components and libraries, detailed help file and installer. TSynEdit is required to compile the demo, but not included. Download it from sourceforge.

TjanXMLParser2 4.0
8-June-2003 size:825kb
EasyXML 4.0 is the demo application for TjanXMLParser2 version 4.0, a native delphi XML/XSLT parser object and for TjanXMLDataSet2 a TDataSet descendant that allows you to use standard Delphi database controls with a XML document. FEATURES: node selection using QXML that mimics the SQL WHERE clause; XSLT transformations (templates, conditionals, sorting): generate HTML reports from your XML data; a sample XML document containing the complete Hamlett play Richard III is included: 179 page HTML document is generated is less then 900 milliseconds; XEL (XML Execution Language) scripting; XML-Database. Delphi source code included.

TjanSQL 1.1
2-April-2002 size:379kb
TjanSQL is a single user relational Database engine implemented as a Delphi object using plain text files with semi-colon separated data for data storage. Supported SQL: SELECT (with table joins, field aliases and calculated), UPDATE, INSERT (values and sub-select), DELETE, CREATE TABLE, DROP TABLE, ALTER TABLE, CONNECT TO, COMMIT, WHERE (rich bracketed expression), IN (list or sub query), GROUP BY, HAVING, ORDER BY ( ASC, DESC), nested sub queries, statistics (COUNT, SUM, AVG, MAX, MIN), operators (+,-,*,/, and, or,>,>=,<,<=,=,<>,Like), functions (UPPER, LOWER, TRIM, LEFT, MID, RIGHT, LEN, FIX, SOUNDEX, SQR, SQRT). High performance: complete in-memory handling of tables and recordsets; semi-compiled expressions. Released under MOZILLA PUBLIC LICENSE Version 1.1. NEW FEATURES: fixed memory leak, calculated fields (in select and update statements), field aliases, table aliases, join “unlimited” tables, stdDev aggregate function, ASSIGN TO for named temporary tables, SAVE TABLE for persisting recordsets, INSERT INTO, ISO 8601 dates, numerous extra functions.

18-Februari-2001 size:2kb
TjanFileListBox is a TFileListBox descendant displaying file (association) icons.

28-Januari-2001 size:36kb
TjanSAL is a general purpose script engine with parser, compiler and runner for user defined stack bases script languages. Comes with TjanSALCore, a sample language supporting program flow (if else case repeat etc.), sub-routines etc. Any object procedure or language module can be added to a language with just one statement. Help file for TjanSAL and for the SALCore language are included.

26-Januari-2001 size:35kb
TSynAnySyn is a custom highlighter for the SynEdit component. It allows end users of your program to define a highlighter for any programming language.

27-August-2000 size:738kb
The Gismo collection contains the janStrings utility unit and 4 releated components: TjanScript a Forth style language with XML and Database support; TjanXMLTree a DOM based XML parser with filter methods; TjanWebServer a compact web server with integrated janScript support; TjanPagedFile a TComponent descendant that manages password protected and encrypted multi-user (max 255) record-locked tagged-string text files with random read/write access and variable record lenght between the specified page size (minimum 64 bytes) and 2Gb. Space of deleted records is re-used. Supports: NEW (table), OPEN, CLOSE, APPEND, SELECT ( recordsets using TjanScript), ORDER BY (multi-key), UPDATE, DELETE; detailed help files and Demo-EXE included.

30-July-2000 size:296kb
TjanScript is Delphi native, Forth style, script component that supports include files, variants, variables, nested: procedures, if/else and repeat..until; external variables and system calls through events; XML DOM support including pattern based selection for server side page generation. The script is precompiled before it is run. Suitable for use as: general and server side scripting, expression evaluator, TDataSet onFilterRecord evaluator etc. Extensive help file and EXE demo included.

12-July-2000 size:7kb
TjanMarkupViewer is a TCustomControl descendant that renders its Text property in HTML style as a scrollable view. Supported tags: Bold, Italic, Underline, Font (face, size and color) and Break.

9-July-2000 size:6kb
TjanMarkupLabel is a TGraphicControl descendant that renders its Text property in HTML style. Supported tags: Bold, Italic, Underline, Font (face, size and color) and Break.

5-July-2000 size:3kb
TjanSticker is a TGraphicControl descendant with no-code end-user move/size, change color and text. Ideal for making stickerboards.

2-July-2000 size:1kb
TjanWebLabel is a TLabel descendant with url/email property and handpoint cursor. Clicking the label will launch the users default browser or email program to address the url or email.

2-July-2000 size:8kb
TjanWebSafe is a color selection dialog for WebSafe colors. Special: 3 color selection for matching.

2-July-2000 size:8kb
TjanEverGauge is a indefinite time gauge like seen in Netscape Navigator. Simple to use with start/stop methods.

2-July-2000 size:8kb
TjanXMLTree is a XML/XSL parser with DOM, extended filtering and quick LoadFromFile/SaveToFile methods.

2-July-2000 size:19kb
janFX is a library of 89 bitmap transformation routines like: rotate; smooth resize; filters; make seamless; buttonize; color, focus and light effects; fisheye and twist distortions; alpha blending; plasma and many more.

TjanTracker 2
2-July-2000 size:4kb
TjanTracker is a TCustomControl descendant. Features: trackbar with tiled image background, custom track color and size, custom thumb color and size, optional value display on thumb, horizontal or vertical orientation, onChangedValue event. Bugfix release.

4-June-2000 size:3kb
TjanArrayButton provides an array of buttons. Set columns, rows, colors, captions and hints. OnArrayButtonClicked event provides column and row of the clicked button.

2-Februari-2000 size:611kb
TjanSpeller is a spelling component that allows spelling of any short or very long text string. Features: help file, no dll’s required, integrated spelling skip/change/add dialog, 30000 word english.dic and 280000 word dutch.dic, supports user dicationaries, virtually no coding required, simple dictionary format with very fast search.

8-Jan-2000 size:153kb
janButton is a set if 16 Geometrical TButton descendant buttons: ellipse, triangles, pentagon, octagon, ring-shaped etc. with font and surface color; an example of using windows regions

3-Jan-2000 size:94kb
janSim is a set if 12 Simulation components including TjanSimLogicBox for “no code” simulation of digital electronics, and TjanSimPID and TjanSimScope for analog instrumentation simulation.

26-December-1999 size:633kb
janDraw is a set if drawing components: TjanDrawImage is a TImage descendant. It comes with mating components and a full featured demo painting application. Features: 100+ painting styles including art brushes, integrated 50+ Effects viewer like Rotate, Plasma etc.; TjanPaintFX with 100+ bitmap transformations; TjanColorList and TjanColorGrid with 100+ colors and color name hints; TjanScrollBar with integrated position label. Create a painting program with minimal coding. NEW: integrated QuickBacks viewer/editor in TjanDrawImage with 90+ presets provided; TjanColorDropDown, TjanDrawText with interactive free text rotation, TjanColorTriangle, enhanced demo.

26-December-1999 size:56kb
janBasic is a set of basic components: TjanOutBar is a visual and functional Outlook 2000 tabbed buttonbar replica and an example of both using TCollection and of creating a completely owner drawn control; TjanCheckBox with custom size and color; TjanRadioButton with custom size and color; TjanLabelEdit; TjanTimeEdit; TjanButtonEdit; TjanCheckListButton; TjanEditListBox; TjanColorButton; TjanRoundedButton; TjanRunButton; TjanPanelButton; TjanTiledPanel; TjanBitmapButton.

16-December-1999 size:3kb
TjanRoundedButton is a TGraphicControl descendant featuring: selectable rounded rectangle, elliptical or Octagonal shape; hot caption; hot glyph; auto-glyphclipping; auto-grayscaling.

13-December-1999 size:11kb
TjanReplace is a smart find and replace component that can be used with any text editor. Features: pattern find and replace; up to 32 replacement parameters. Help file includes sample code for use with TmwCustomEdit.

13-December-1999 size:9kb
With TjanPanelButton you associate a TPanel that will be dropped down/hidden when clicking the button. The panel can contain any control including TjanPanelButton instances. Closing the panel will also close any panels associated with TjanPanelButtons on subpanels.

13-December-1999 size:9kb
TjanEditListBox is a TListBox descendant featuring inplace editing, autosave, item add/delete/insert and enhanced move.

13-December-1999 size:2kb
TjanLabelEdit is an Edit box with integral Label and autosized text scrolling range.

13-December-1999 size:2kb
TjanButtonEdit is an Edit box with integral glyph button.

13-December-1999 size:8kb
TjanRunButton is a TGraphicControl descendant. Drop it on a form without code or properties to set and that is it. The user can right-click the button to select a program and left-click the button to launch that program. The program Icon is displayed on the button and the Hint shows the program name. The program name autopersists in the application ini file.

29-November-1999 size:15kb
TjanTabBar is an Outlook style TabBar inspired by TXAZoneControl from Lincoln Birnie. Features: Scrollable collapseable Tabbed Sections that can be added, deleted and moved at design time; Section tabs can have individual: font, alignment, tabcolor, glyph, hottrackcolor and a tiled background image.

TjanShape 3
20-November-1999 size:39kb
TjanShape 3 is GraphicControl featuring: 75 shapes; 26 gradient fills; free position and rotation caption; unlimited user defined shapes with the included TjanShapeController; TjanShapeController with design time visual shape editor and runtime modifying, organizing, connecting, printing and saving of shapes; help files.

19-November-1999 size:13kb
TjanColorButton is a TGraphicControl descendant featuring: normal, highlight and down color of button face and caption; wordwrap; tiled background image; latching.

TjanGrid 4
28-October-1999 size:47kb
TjanGrid is a TStringGrid descendant featuring: AutoCalc Spreadsheet, Named Cells, Cell Info Hints, R1C1 or A1 cell reference, LoadFrom CSV/HTML, SaveTo CSV/HTML/XML, insert/delete/append/autosize columns/rows; cut/copy/paste/clear/fill range; alpha/number/date SORT row/columns; wordwrap; source code included; help file; integral dialogs for : print/preview/zoom/formule/query/cell names; filter/show/hide rows/columns; color bands.

17-October-1999 size:4kb
TjanLanguage is a TComponent descendant that allows you to give the users of your program the ability to change all captions,text and hints of any component in the user interface like menus, buttons, labels, listbox items etc. All this with only 2 lines of code!

1-October-1999 size:12kb
TjvTreeView is a TTreeView descendant featuring: integrated node management, recursive node duplication, node calculation with node variables, integrated Load/Save/Find dialogs, custom KeyMappings.

29-September-1999 size:2kb
TjvBitmapButton is a TGraphicControl descendant featuring: bitmap shaped button with properties: down, latch, hottrack. Button takes the shape of the non-transparent area.

19-September-1999 size:9kb
jvCSVBase is a collection of 5 components for handling of CSV database files: TjvCSVBase, TjvCSVEdit, TjvCSVComboBox, TjvCSVCheckBox and TjvCSVNavigator. Drop the components on a form and you can: create, restructure, browse and edit CSV database files without any programming. Help file included.

20-October-1998 size:43kb
TjansDB3 is a Delphi component. to operate with DBase III files without using the BDE. Only text fields are supported. Features: CreateTable, AppendRecord, DeleteRecord, FindRecord, PackRecords, ReNameField, ReSizeField, InsertField,DeleteField. The component is optimized for use with a stringgrid. This new version 2 includes 4 components: TjansDB3, TjansDB3Images, TjansDB3Nav and TjansDB3.helper. With TjansDB3Helper you can create a fully functional database program with just one line of code!
If you are interested the source code.

16-September-1999 size:4kb
TjvIcon is a TComponent descendant with public methods: Create Icon from Bitmap, Save Icon with 16 colors, Save Icon with 256 colors, Save Bitmap as 16 color Icon, Save Bitmap as 256 color Icon.

14-September-1999 size:3kb
TjvGridFilter is a TComponent descendant that will filter the rows of any TStringGrid or descendant. Just drop a TjvGridFilter on your form and assign the Grid property and use the Filter method to hide rows that do not match the filter.

12-September-1999 size:4kb
TjvAirBrush TjvAirBrush is a TComponent descendant featuring: instant airbrush for any canvas, 5 brush shapes, opacity from 1-100%.

12-September-1999 size:4kb
TjvTipsComboBox is a TComboBox descendant featuring: auto load/save tips, add/delete/modify/filter tips, tip names. Add user tips/templates support to your application with minimal coding.

9-September-1999 size:12kb
TjvGridPrinter is a preview/print dialog component for printing a TStringGrid and descendants, featuring: full scale or zoomed preview; user set print properties in dialog box: margins, header text/size/margin, footer text/size, page/time/date metatags, wordwrap, number alignment/formatting, show/hide borders. Drop on a form, set the Grid property and call the preview method. No further coding required.

8-September-1999 size:9kb
TjvYearGrid is a TDrawGrid descendant featuring: YearPlanner view; auto load/save year files; integral context menu for all functions; integral Infotext editor with load/save external option; export/view all/filtered date Info to HTML; custom colors for borders/date/highlights; onInfoChanging event and Info set/get for smart InfoText processing; date Infotext hints; year selection.

29-May-1999 size:16kb
TjvTurtle is a non-visible component that accepts a PainterScript in the form of a string and draws on any canvas that is assigned at run-time to its canvas property. A helpfile on how to use the component and a complete description of the PainterScript graphics language is included. PainterScript includes TurtleGraphics and the use of calculations, variables, procedures and looping.
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  1. Maurício disse:

    Conheci a pouco tempo esses componentes. Estou tentando converter o TSynAnySyn para usá-lo na versão Unicode do SynEdit mas não estou conseguindo.
    Alguém poderia me ajudar?

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